I am always on the lookout for fantastic resources, either apps or in print, to help with managing my symptoms. If you are aware of any, I would love to hear about them!

I am an Android girl living in an iPhone world, so what I am suggesting here in apps is primarily for iPhone users but some are cross-platform, as noted.

For my daily life, I’m currently a big fan of:

  • My pen-and-paper binder system, for which y’all will be hearing more about and getting my printables for as time goes on.
  • Owaves (free; Android in beta) is this handy-dandy app that lets me visualize time in a circle. I drop my sleeping, eating, and working periods onto the circle and I can see exactly where my time is going. I did a review of this app with its pros and cons here.
  • 30/30 (free; Android too) is my routine beast. I set in it all my routines and I can see exactly how long they take. I’m not as likely to be late to appointments because, oh look, my morning routine takes an hour and a half if I blow out my hair? Okeydokey, now my alarm is set accordingly.
  • Picniic (free, or $50/year for a family; Android too), touted as a “family organizer”, is more than it seems. Basically, I needed an app so I could coordinate stuff with Phil, loop him in when I needed him to corral my broken brain into doing something I didn’t want to do, and when we both had to be somewhere. My other options were stupid “couples” apps or inherently “managing 2.5 kids and a dog” apps, neither of which applies to us. I’m reviewing this one as well in a few weeks.

The best book I ever read for ADHD is on Kindle Unlimited and it’s called I Always Want to Be Where I’m Not.

I also check ADDitude frequently for helpful tips and advice and I am currently building a podcast repertoire.